Toubkal Ascent

Toubkal & Ifni Lac 6-Days

The Toubkal Circuit Trek consists of 6 days trekking in the Atlas Mountains, combining beautiful panoramas with the time to explore Berber villages and culture.

Toubkal & Ifni Lac - 6 Days

6 days of travelling in the Atlas mountains and enjoying life in the countryside, and getting closer to the lives of the residents of these wonderful ...

Toubkal & Ifni Lac - 6 Days

This itinerary involves early starts and strenuous trekking days, moving from camp to camp each day but you will be rewarded with many fine photo opportunities, ...


Toubkal Trek 6 days of hiking

Experience an unforgettable journey with Atlas Trek Guide as we take you on a 6-day trip to the majestic High Atlas Mountains. Our itinerary includes a hike to Toubkal, just a few kilometers away from the lovely city of Marrakech. You will be amazed by the breathtaking views of valleys and Berber villages along the way.

Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking natural beauty that unfolds before your eyes as you soak in the panoramic views stretching across the horizon. Throughout your journey, a dedicated crew will ensure your safety and cater to all your needs, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience and create unforgettable memories. Join us for this incredible Toubkal hike and discover the wonders of Morocco’s mountainous landscapes like never before.

Experience the untouched beauty of the herbal environment and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the mountains. As you take each step, the majestic Atlas Mountains will reveal their splendor before your very eyes, while the alluring secrets of Morocco slowly unveil themselves to those who choose this magnificent destination for their exploration and discovery.

Get ready to be enchanted by the ever-changing scenery and the adventure that awaits you on this incredible Toubkal trekking experience in Morocco.


Take a minibus from Marrakech to Oukaimedem, the only ski station in the Atlas Mountains at 2,600 meters above sea level. Use the Ourika Valley as a route. While the cook prepares lunch, go for a walk to explore the rock carvings on the plateau. Meet the muleteers and load the luggage.

 Then, embark on a gentle climb to reach the tizi n’Addi at 2,980 meters. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Imane valley and the peaks of the High Atlas. Descend to Tachedirt, the highest village in the Atlas Mountains, and set up camp at Fousaou, located at the foot of Likemt at 2,300 meters. Learn about the agricultural traditions of the Berber people.

The terraces that are watered rise extremely high on the sides of the valley. The upper channel (targa) creates an almost straight boundary between the brown mountains and the green crops. The villages are built above to make sure no fertile land is wasted.

  • Positive elevation gain: 620 m.
  • Negative drop: 840 m.
  • 4 to 5 hour walk.
  • Accommodation: tent. Meals
  • included: morning, noon, evening.
  • Transfer: 1h30 to 2h.
toubkal ascent
Azzaden Valley in the Atlas Mountains - Imlil Treks Toubkal

After crossing the Tizi n’Likemt, a high mountain area reaching 3,550 meters, we reach the Azibs n’Likemt. These isolated azibs, similar to mountain sheepfolds, are created during the summer months when the villagers from Amsouzert bring their flocks for grazing.

Here, the azibs provide enough grass, which is scarce in their village, located further south of the massif. We set up camp at the base of Tizi n’Aouray, at an elevation of approximately 2,900 meters, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains.

Positive altitude difference: 1650 m.
Negative drop: 650 m.
7 hours, 30 minutes walk.
Accommodation: tent.
Meals included: morning, noon, and evening.


Today promises to be another exciting day in the mountains. As we hike, the fields below remain hidden until late afternoon, when we descend from the dry Tizi n’Aouray, reaching an altitude of 3,109 meters.

The descent is refreshing as we make our way to the village of Amsouzert at 1,740 meters. Our adventure reaches its peak in the stunning mountain cirque behind the moraine that encloses Lake Ifni. Tucked away in this beautiful natural setting, you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the lake, although please be aware that it will be at your own risk. We will set up our camp at an elevation of 2,295 meters, next to the picturesque shores of Lake Ifni, surrounded by the majestic mountains.

Ascent: 890 m.
Negative drop: 1540 m.
6 hour walk.
Accommodation: tent.
Meals included: morning, noon, and evening.

lac ifni toubkal trek

At this point, Mount Toubkal towers over us as we make our way through a gorge and navigate steep turns. Eventually, we reach the challenging Tizi n’Ouanoums at 3,600 meters, which presents a difficult situation for the mule caravan. After the strenuous climb, we embark on a short and easy descent that leads us to the Neltner Refuge at 3,200 meters. Here, we will find a place to rest for the night, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

Positive altitude difference: 1350 m.
Negative drop: 580 m.
5h30 walk.
Accommodation: shelter.
Meals included: morning, noon, and evening.


Climbing Mount Toubkal in North Africa has its challenges. The path is rocky and goes through loose rocks and a steep valley with large boulders. However, as you approach the summit, the ridge becomes wider and flatter, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

The descent takes a different route on the northern slope, passing through Sidi Chamharouch, a revered religious site, and ending in the beautiful plains of Aremd. There, we will spend the night in a comfortable guesthouse or traditional Moroccan house in Imlil, providing a well-deserved rest after our mountain adventure.

Positive elevation gain: 967 m.
Negative drop: 2,167 m.
8- to 9-hour walk.
Accommodation: lodge.
Meals included: morning, noon, and evening.

Toubkal Ascent - Summit
Imlil valley

After breakfast, we embark on a short hike through the beautiful Imlil Valley, enjoying its natural beauty. We indulge in a delicious lunch before heading to Marrakech, where we arrive in the late morning. We settle into a comfortable four-star hotel, which serves as a great base for our stay. The rest of the day is yours to explore and experience the amazing city at your own leisure.

Accommodation: hotel.
Meals included: morning
Free meals: noon, evening.
Transfer: 1h30.


Price includes:
  • transfer Marrakech to Imlil  (A/C modern vehicle)
  • Local licensed English / French speaking mountain guide
  • Mules for luggage and meals transportation
  • 4 nights at tents
  • 2 night at Riad                        
  • Meals and mineral water (full board)
Price excludes:
  • Hiking equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • travel insurance

There are plenty of sights to explore in Marrakech, including the lively souks, the historic Saadian Tombs, the enchanting Majorelle Gardens, the peaceful Menara Gardens, the intricately designed medersas, the impressive Bahia Palace, and the bustling Djemaa el-Fna square. For a more traditional experience, you can also opt to tour the city in a charming horse-drawn carriage and discover its delightful contrasts.

The coexistence of modernity in Guéliz, represented by establishments such as McDonald’s, and the timeless allure of the medina within a short distance is truly captivating. Despite their close proximity, these two worlds are remarkably distinct in terms of culture and lifestyle, creating a charming contrast that embodies the essence of Marrakech.

Toubkal History:

Toubkal has a charming file that takes us once more by way of the past and displays the charming stories of historic civilizations and the extraordinarily proper heritage of the Berber people. This amazing mountain, nestled in the High Atlas of Morocco, consists of a profound experience of time and has been a witness to endless adventures and explorations over the centuries.

The archives of Toubkal are intimately intertwined with the vivid tapestry of Berber culture. For generations, the Berber communities have determined solace and notion in the presence of this sacred mountain. Toubkal has been an image of reverence, a grant of non-secular connection, and a testomony to the deep-rooted connection between the Berbers and their rugged mountainous homeland.

As the world’s superiors and explorers sought new challenges, Toubkal’s enchantment grew. It began to entice adventurers and mountaineers from all corners of the globe, drawn to its majestic attractiveness and the thrill of conquering its summit. Over the years, brave souls embarked on expeditions and treks, leaving their footprints on Toubkal’s slopes and forging a legacy of exploration and human achievement.

Today, Toubkal stands tall as a beacon of ideas and a testament to the indomitable human spirit. It continues to mesmerize and captivate those who project to its heights, offering no longer solely breathtaking views but again additionally a profound connection to the preceding and the land itself. The mountain serves as a reminder of our innate desire for exploration, our deep connection with nature, and the rich tapestry of tales that have long-established our collective history.